Thursday, September 10, 2015

529 = Exhausted

We had a good group today show up to work on the studies but only a few were able to help with the Bibles.  Each box of 12 weighs 32 pounds. When we arrived at the office we had around 200 Bibles just missing the stamps so each box had to be picked up off the floor and dumped on the table so Justin could put the stamps on each Bible, put it back in the box and once the box was full carried out to Diane's van. The only reason we got Justin today was that he did twice his school work yesterday just so he could come help us today. Us old folks were SO thankful for his muscles and willingness to labor.
 Roma, Edie, Shirley and Eva Jean were put to work on opening the studies while Rachel was on the other side of the room opening and reading the letters. Diane and I were on the computers entering.

 Vonnie came from Skylines bit later with 3 full boxes of the lessons1-4 folded and ready to stuff in the Bibles. We were glad to see her and had to start using them as soon as she arrived. Chuck had a doctors appointment this morning but came right after and was put to work labeling envelopes. Mark showed up with a pallet full of Bibles that needed to be stuffed and wrapped..
Rachel came out to help unload the truck. By the time we got the last box in we were all huffing and puffing. There is no need to go to the gym again today. The next job was to start dumping them on the table for stuffing and wrapping. When Rachel finished the letters she was able to help Justin wrap and load until Diane's van was so stuffed full we were afraid the tires were going to pop.
We ran out of Bibles stamps before we ran out of labels of prisoners wanting a Bible AGAIN. Ellen gave us 500 stamps today and we had 529 requests. Rachel took the last 29 to the Hanna City post office and mailed those out while Diane took the 500 to the Peoria post office. Sure hope someone from there was willing to help her unload. 
We finished up today just before 2:00 pm. Anna's parents are moving from Iowa to about a mile away from here and Anna needed someone to watch the girls while she helped out. But Anna didn't just help her mom,  she and Phil found out the dry wall was finished at their house so they painted this afternoon and evening at their place. The girls had fun playing with grandma then helping with the evening feeding.  

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