Monday, September 28, 2015


We pulled out of the church parking lot even before 6:00 am as everyone going arrived on time. With these trips if you make the bus late you pay big time for it. The penalty isn't always the same but no one ever makes the bus wait more than once. Ruth had her I-pad along and games of Scrabble were played during the bus ride.

Our trusty drivers were Fedi Davidovics and Mark Kieser. They did a great job getting us safely to our destination and home again.
We stopped for lunch and came upon a beggar man with his cup outstretched.

Our group is so generous and each person walking by pulled out there money to help this poor man. That is until Shelby arrived.  She offered to help this old man by giving him crumbs from her lunch. 
 Wayne and Lukie brought surprises for everyone on the bus. They bought brightly colored red and white stripped popcorn bags and filled them with goodies. The bags were stapled shut and were not all filled with the same goodies so there was a lot of treat swapping during the ride.

 We had a good time laughing at each other and ourselves. We made it down to the hotel with about 15 minutes to get checked into our rooms, changed and back on the bus. Some of us didn't read Cheryl's memos about going to dinner and a singing and some of us didn't bring 2 sets of church clothes so one of us had to show up at the singing in her Horsemeister t-shirt. Next time I'll read the fine print. The Nashville church fed us a delicious dinner starting with a fabulous home made cream of broccoli soup or tasty chili. I chose the broccoli and it really was the best soup I've tasted in a long time. The rest of the meal was good too. After the dinner came the singing and after the singing was the trip back to the hotel for sleep. At least some of us slept. The hotel had an indoor pool...need I say more? The next morning the hotel served us a hot breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage patties, biscuits and gravy, danishes, yogurts, fresh fruit, coffee and juice. We were back on the bus at 9:00 am for the trip to the Nashville church.
Sunday was amazing, 2 Spirit filled services, lunch, singing, fellowshipping  then back on the bus. What an awesome time to be with fellow believers worshiping our Lord. Our bus ride back was filled with fun, laughter, singing, games and in the late evening watching the eclipse of the blood moon. Since I didn't have any way to get the camera which was packed in the suitcase and placed down in the luggage space of the bus (that picture would have not been very good anyway) I borrowed Mike Mezeul II picture off Facebook.
Mike wrote: After spending 5 hours on a rooftop with an incredible view of Dallas, I was able to create this composite image showing the moon transition from full moon, to full lunar eclipse, and back. Each moon image was shot approximately 10 minutes apart to capture the entire transition. I hope you all enjoy! Feel free to share

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