Thursday, November 29, 2012

Update Editing

This afternoon I drove to Middle Grove to get some updated pictures. The evening was spent editing and placing the pictures on the website. Below are a few starting with Ayanna and ending with Zalena.
Ayanna above Bonnie below
Clair above Cookie and Missy below
Cor Arianna above and Ella below
Eliza above and Hadassah below
Helen above and Holly below
Indy above and Jewel below
Killian above and Lily with Mika below
Lola above, Lilypony below
Mytross above and Olivia (Jewel's filly) below
Paris with Mika and Lily above, Prissy below:
Ribbon above and Sally below:
Ylse above and Zalena with Ylse below. Zalena is wearing the halter.
A few pictures of the herd spread out were also taken:
After dinner Steven arrived to work Valiant and Evan in the outdoor lighted arena and of course instead of working on the website I had to watch them. Those boys are poetry in motion!

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