Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Queen Size

Two new queen size mattresses and 2 new queen size box springs were purchased today from Sam's Club. Philip offered to pick them up with the Meister Brother trailer. The receipt was dropped off on his desk when I made it back in to work. After work Philip brought out the bedding sets and we started by bringing in a box spring, got as far as the living room when we had to quit. The box springs are too big to fit up the narrow staircase in this old farm house. Why didn't I measure before the purchase, guess I'm just not use to living in small areas. Karin was here working the mares and stopped in at the exact time we needed help. Between she and Phil they were able to get both queen size mattresses up those narrow stairs and into the bedrooms. Phil got on line and found we could order the base for the beds. Now they just have to arrive and built before Thanksgiving! Mom took her car to church picking up first Spark and Rhonda before stopping at our place. Mike and Diane drove separate as did Ruth and her boys. Ken Hoerr had the service on the Holy Spirit. Both for us as individuals and for the church. Once home the dogs were let out, the wood stove stoked and it's time to crash.

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