Saturday, November 3, 2012


We started leisurely cleaning out drawers and getting ready for the move until Philip showed up. He called in reinforcements and all of a sudden we were in quick mode. David, Stephanie, Phil, and Karin moved all of the furniture over we needed then moved the furniture stored in the back into the apartment. In just a few short hours with lots of help we are moved into the farm house. We don't have everything over but all of the big items are in and up. We are spending the night in our old new home. We were too tired to cook and too hungry to go without dinner so ordered a take out chicken dinner from Gils and shared it. The hardest part of this entire move has been to convince Darcy to stay. She has been brought over twice and each time someone leaves a door open she runs back to the apartment. Finally we brought her stinky blanket over and put it on top of her nice clean doggy bed. That blanket is going to be pitched as soon as Darcy realizes this is now her home. Tomorrow pictures will be taken of the farm house and posted, just too tired tonight. We still need 2 queen size beds for the upstairs bedrooms along with some tall chairs for Rhoda's tall table now in the apartment. Mark has a fire going in the wood burner and its time to relax!

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