Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Dinner

Church today was a wonderful reminder of what to be thankful for and who to thank. Tim Funk had the service. After church the Sceggel family, all of us but 3 out of the entire United States came here. Missing were Sarah, Tim and Allie. We had a true feast of food and fellowship. Below are a few pictures of the evening after dinner, the hosts were too busy to pull the camera out during but the kids were just too cute. Below is the second to the newest Sceggel Taegan Rae.
She is second to the newest because the newest now has not yet been born. Ben and Taunya announced they are expecting in June. We are thrilled for them, Addyson and Jack will have a new sibling. Below is Addyson's reaction to the news she might have to share her princess stuff. (not really)
The dogs were confined to the bedroom for the evening.
But they got a great dinner after most of the guests left. Ben, Taunya, Addyson and Jack are spending the night at the apartment, while Jon & Kim are staying here at the farm house with us. Breakfast tomorrow will be served at 8:30am. Anyone that wants to make the drive out to Hanna City tomorrow morning stop in, we have lots of goodies to serve (and they are not all leftovers either).

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