Tuesday, November 27, 2012


It was 18 degrees outside when we arose from our warm comfortable bed and by the time we left for work it had dropped to 16 degrees. We needed layers to survive the walk today and the wind wasn't even blowing. I'm sure later in the year we will be glad for 18 degrees and no wind but today it felt freezing. Eva Jean and I had a big load of studies to process, she had to take most of them home to finish as we ran out of time. Dan met us at Denny's for lunch and we decided to rent the Old School Center for New Years Eve and New Years Day for anyone wanting to come celebrate the demise of 2012 and the birth of 2013. The party will start after church on the 31st (probably around 9:00pm) quit around 1:00am and start back up the next day with movies and football in the theater room, football for those brave enough to play outside out on the football field, volley ball and basketball in the 2 gymnasiums. There was no choir tonight so Diane invited us to come over and watch the tape she had of the Christian comedian Chonda (sp). This lady gave a talk at the civic center and a bunch of ladies went including Diane, she bought the tape to share with the rest of us out at this compound. Mom, Spark, Rhonda, Rachel, Ruth, Anni, Ryan, Mike, Diane, Mark and I really enjoyed this. Diane made a delicious nacho dip, pizza, and popcorn, while others supplied brownies and scotcheroos.
Below is Rhonda watching and listening while she works on doll blankets.
The video was hilarious, this lady has us laughing most of the evening although you would never know to look at the picture below:
That must have been snapped during one of the more serious topics.

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