Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Storm Clean-Up

After dinner Mark drove my car to the farm to start some of the clean up of branches while I drove the truck, stopped at Honegger Law office, picked up the stock trailer and hauled it to the farm for tomorrows chores.

Some of the branches that fell were as big as large trees! It is amazing how Mark's chain saw can cut through this.
Once the branches were down, it was saw and stack, saw and stack.
All evening we could hear the sound of buzzing chain saws coming from every direction.
Mike moved in 3 round bales, one for the boys, one in the breeding shed area and one in the big paddock. Tomorrow Karin, Steven and Rachel are heading to Middle Grove to bring back Ribbon for vaulting, Mika, Autumn, Bunni, Sangria, and Paris for Senior High Girls camp held Saturday at the Herman Lake in Norris, IL. Steven is going to drive his monster truck with the stock trailer and Karin will drive my truck and trailer. Hopefully Rachel will get lots of usable pictures. They will have to hike in and lead 2 horses each back. Who needs a GYM!
Samantha was still in season and covered by Raven.

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