Friday, June 18, 2010

Free Horses

We just had the second offer of a free mare in the last 12 hours. The first one is an 8 year old TB mare black bay tall and somewhat trained and the second is a 14 hand black and white gaited mare. This is frighting, to think horses are in such great supply people are again just trying desperately to find them good homes. At the auction last night a beautiful bay 12 year old registered Missouri Fox trotter, mare, well trained, no vices, well groomed and one could tell loved went for $275.00. Rhoda actually wanted me to bid on her but NO way would I be able to bring her home without consequences from the Horsemeister partners. How would this have been explained, the last thing Horsemeister needs is more mouths to feed. Others at the auction brought prices of $150.00. The highest of the evening only went for $800.00 and he was a beautiful horse, well trained, and registered.
Last year people were just letting them loose in driveways, fields, and forests. Earl was telling us how one of his friends went on a trail ride at a state park, when they rode back to the trailer there were 2 horses tied to it. Didn't Obama PROMISE things were going to be better?

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