Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cotton Candy

Last night at VBS they decided to give each student a bag of cotton candy. The machine was brought into the church at 7:30pm knowing we needed 200 bags of the sticky sweet fairy floss by 8:30pm. Somehow I thought an hour would be enough time to make 200 bags. We should have started at 6:30 or taken 2 machines. The machine was placed on high heat and was putting out as much as I've ever seen it put out but by 8:15 we only had around 100 bags made. We started making the bags smaller and smaller. Hopefully the little kids were given the small bags and couldn't tell the difference. By the time we were finished most of us had cotton candy in our hair and all over our clothes.
This morning everything was done at the farm by 7:15 with time to kill before our walk. Rachel was out walking early, when she was asked why, she confessed her clock was off. Joan was next out of the house, Diane came out 4th and Ruth joined us by the second loop. It is SO good to be back together SO good to have Joan back. Tomorrow we want Beth to join us for breakfast.
Mike called early, he broke a hose on the excavator at Middle Grove AFTER he had the ditches dug for the culverts. Now NO one can drive into the place. He was heading out at 6:30am to fix the hose and will try to get as much back in place before he needs to be at his real job. Both Big Sally and Velvet were glad to be back into the lush green pastures and off the mud. Their foals will learn herd manners quickly.
We now have 21 horse out at Middle Grove, 10 at the farm and Sophie in Forrest, IL. Funny the horses at the farm besides Duke the pony & Paris' colt are all purebred Friesians.
For Mike and Diane's sake; Middle Grove: Mika, Jewel, Bunni, Paris, Chloe, Ciera, Lily, Ayanna, Sangria, Big Sally, Glory, Velvet, her Colt, Walker Sally, her filly, Ribbon, Wynne, Izadora, Aragon, Autumn, & Knight.
Hanna City Farm: Valiant, Evan, Raven, Sanna, Jenis, Ylse, Samantha, her filly, Duke and Caden.

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