Tuesday, June 15, 2010


It's official the weather man just stated that during the last 30 days, 16 have been rainy. We are not talking just a sprinkle here and there we are talking substantial amounts! The hay has not been cut and doesn't look like it will be cut. God is truly in control, we will have the dry weather when He decides it's time. By the way, it POURED again today. Paris' colt, named Caden was taken out of Duke's paddock, grained, then placed in with the boys. The boys get grain and Duke does not, it was just too hard to feed him separate. Hopefully the big boys will allow him to join their club. We have a family interested in him but no real commitment yet.
Dr. Hoerr would like to breed his bay mare to Raven this year. She is a gorgeous mare, very high headed Saddlebred. Perhaps we can trade off some of our vet bills in exchange. Emily the owner of Keegan contacted us about Autumn's loss, she will honor the live foal guarantee even thought the colt was up and nursing. Nice of her, but the drive is pretty long and Autumn is one of our riding horses. Financially it doesn't make sense to throw away a stud fee. I told her perhaps next year.
Ten boxes of Bibles were delivered for the Princeville VBS for wrapping. Once finished it was back to the farm for Izabela's (Samantha's filly) pills which were given at 2:30pm, an hour later than they should have been given but work just took that long. She needs the last set of the day at 10:00pm or later. I really need to spend some time teaching someone (anyone that lives out there) else how to prepare and give them to her. It is really very simple, just need to actually show someone. She is doing very well, first tried to eat the wheelbarrow, then tried to climb into the wheelbarrow this afternoon during the stall cleaning. She needs a TOY. The good thing about the three trips a day is that the stall is picked each time, Samantha is fed each time and the 3 water buckets refilled.

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