Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Boys & Sanna

After the walk, Emma was taken home and when I got back to the farm this is what I saw!

Steven Marchal was working on cleaning the paddocks with the skid steer but the door was giving him some problems so he took both boys out, hitched them together and off they went. PERFECTLY behaved. We are just so proud of these boys! This was the first time ever this was tried with them and they acted like they had been doing it for months. On the right is Valiant on the left is Evan.
The door of the skid steer was explained to Steven how it now has to work and back he went to work on the paddocks.
We are having a beautiful sunny day the second in a row! The mud is drying up and Steven was able to finish one paddock and worked on 2 more. Tomorrow if the rain holds off he is coming back in the morning.
Our appointment with Dr. Hoerr's to ultrasound Sanna and Samantha was 9:30am but that didn't mean he will be here at that time. He finally arrived just after 1:00pm and we were more than ready to stop work. Sanna is in foal and is due May 10th, 2011. Samantha did not conceive on her foal heat. We weren't very hopeful that she would as it was a very weird heat. She is just now coming into season again. She had some free floating fluid in her uterus so was cultured and infused. The day she is going out of season we will haul her in to the vet clinic for another check, then 2 weeks after that she can be ultrasounded. I think we personally are keeping Hoerr vet clinic in the black. Our last 3 checks have been made out to them.
We just heard from mom, they made it to Chicago and are getting ready to take a bus to Peoria. Can't wait to hear all about their trip. What she was able to tell me before boarding the bus was the entire trip was wonderful and we all need to take the same trip. Their balloon ride over the Serengeti was fabulous!
the snow cone machine along with the supplies need to be loaded for VBS and dropped off early as we have dog school tonight. Poor Emma hasn't been worked with much this week.

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