Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trick Training

Work went so well today that Eva Jean Schaefer and I were able to get upstairs before the guys called us for lunch. Mark, Phil, Eva Jean and I met Spark and Dan along with Anna all at Denny's for a relaxing lunch. Anna and Phil just returned from a work team in Haiti and we wanted to hear about the trip.
Once lunch was over I drove to the very muddy farm where ice and snow are melting into huge puddles, the driveway lanes are sinking into ruts and the manure is starting to stack up as it can't be removed in this kind of weather. Ciera and Valiant were pulled out to work with before Steven Marchal arrived and they were both walking up to the pedestal and putting their front feet on it EVERY time they were asked to do so. Of course we had to show off for Steven. He worked with them a short time, then they were put away and Evan and Wanda were pulled out. I think we are going to give up on Wanda at this time. She is just a little too young where as the other three are figuring out quickly what is expected of them. Steven had to work on leading Evan. Evan is quite a handful and decided he didn't want to lead nicely so he got extra training time. By the time Steven was done with him, he was leading quietly to the paddock. Then it was Jenis' turn. She quickly figured out if she is up on the pedestal she is going to get a treat. We will work with her tomorrow but I think Thursday we will have Rhoda ride her and ask. Jenis loves to show off and she loves treats. Now I am home, tired, muddy and still need to decide what to cook for dinner.

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