Monday, March 29, 2010

Que's New Owner

Below is an update from the lady that bought Amy's Haflinger. She has named him Marley. Looks like they are a good fit with each other.

Marley is finishing up his first month of training. Unfortunately I haven't been able to spend as much time with him yet as I'd like, but I thought I'd give you an update. First, he is the goofiest animal that I've ever seen. It doesn't appear as if he's ever been out with a herd so when he first got out to play, he ran everywhere. My trainer says he has ADD. We've got spring grass coming up so he'd run to the grass take a quick bite and then run somewhere else. His first time out he ran through the fence. That scared him so he ran back to the barn and stood there like a puppy waiting to get back into the house. He pesters the other horses to death wanting to play. He's the only horse I've ever seen that will go down on a lead or lunge line and roll. The other day he was running and just fell on his face. It's was such a clumsy fall, but you could tell it was a soft easy fall, but he didn't get up, and I started to get real upset until I noticed why he didn't get up. He was laying there just eating grass. Then he popped up and took off running again picked up a stick and started running with it through the pasture. If he finds something laying around, he picks it up and hides it. The trainer was teaching him to lunge and sacking him out with a stick that had a paper bag tied to it. This also served the purpose of getting his hind quarters off her when he tried to press them to her. The bag does make a scary noise, and he jumped at it at first, but then he turned around, sniffed it, grabbed it in his mouth and started playing tug of war. He loves the other barn animals, cats, dogs, horses, whatever, and he's incredibly curious about everything and very brave. When first learning to lunge, he did that stallion throw of his head and some other stallion type antics that concerned us enough to double check the gonads. I was greatly relieved when I got the certificate from the vet stating that both testicles had dropped and been removed. He is pushy to the extremes, but he's coming around on his ground manners. He was great for the farrier except he was so interested in what he was doing that he always had his head wrapped around the poor man. I've only seen him do one nasty thing. My 16 year old daughter, who adores him, was feeding him peppermints, when she turned to walk away and no more treats were forthcoming he tried very aggressively bite her. From now on, Marley's treats go in a bucket. He's learned to lunge, bathe well, loves to be brushed and messed with; however, he always appears to be disheveled no matter what you do to him. He reminds me of Kurt Cobain. He's beautiful even when he's grungy. My trainer first started working with him in the indoor arena, but they've graduated to the great outdoors now. He has yet to buck or act ugly under saddle, but he's still learning the whoa concept. Marley wants to go, go, go. He has wonderful movement, very elastic extended trot. He's clumsy and needs to learn balance as does any young horse, but he might just have the makings of a dressage horse. He isn't spooky. He's too curious about everything. Basically he's wild, unkempt, exasperating, always into mischief, spoiled and has the attention span of a flea. He's also bright, learns quickly, super friendly, incredibly brave and very, very entertaining. I keep telling people that he's either going to be one of my all time most beloved of pets or that I'm going to hate him. Having read the email, I think you can tell which way I'm leaning. Above all, Marley entertains me. Any man that keeps you laughing is a keeper in my book. I don't have a lot of great pictures yet, but I sent you a couple that I took yesterday. I haven't ridden him myself yet, but plan to in the very near future. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I hope all is right in your world. Thanks for Marley. He wouldn't be a perfect fit for just anybody, but he pretty close for me.

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