Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cotton Candy Machine Dilemma

They will ship the machine back to us and I will give them back their money. I guess I'm out the extra shipping cost, the ebay fees, the paypal fees. Perhaps I'll fix it myself and forget selling it.

The old cotton candy machine was put up for sale on ebay. It was not working well, it was still working but just very slow. When I posted the ebay ad I was careful to describe it accurately. I also made a short video of it to show exactly how it worked. I answered many questions and was honest on everything. The ad also stated it was old and bought on ebay years ago. I posted it with no reserve but also noted there is no return. The shipping was posted at $35.00 but when we actually did ship it out it cost $66.00 as I had to ship it in 2 boxes.
When I get home from vacation there is a message from the person that bought it, he had it checked out and there are 2 things wrong with it. Gold Medal service tech told him it would cost about $260.00 to fix it like new so he wants to ship it back and wants all of his money back.
A new machine is around a thousand dollars so he still got a good buy.
My dilemma is that we had 28 bids on it, I paid ebay for the auction paid the $66.00 to ship, paypal took their cut and I DON'T WANT it back.
Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.
(one other note, the winning bidder is a pawn shop owner)


  1. I would suggest having the gentleman keep the machine and working out a better deal with him on the price or refund his money once he ships it back. Your reputation is worth much more than losing a few bucks on this one guy, regardless of his misunderstandings or unability to comprehend.

    Take the high road. There is much more to this life than a few dollars and cents.

  2. Oh thank goodness that thing is coming back home!!!
    Definitely fixing it yourself and keeping it would be the best Christian thing to do....