Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Packing for the Fair

The first job this morning was to drive to TSC to pick up one bag of grain to take with us and 9 bags of bedding pellets. Once those were back home the rest of the morning was spent cleaning and packing the trailer. A lot of the fun trinkets we hand out at the fair were on my front porch and the mice got into some of it during the winter. They are such cute things but wow do they do the damage. Since most was going in the trailer, the porch was cleaned also. The garbage still needs to be hauled over to the dumpster but at least it is organized. The only important piece of equipment that still needs to be loaded is the popcorn machine. It got a good scrubbing but is too large and heavy for me to move without help. Rhoda called and is picking up shampoo, conditioner, a hose and black thread for the trip. We will be scrubbing down 7 horses and the hose is missing from the trailer. We probably left it at another horse fair or show. Rhoda and Monica worked both mares last night and came back very pleased with how the mares are working out. It should be a nice program. We also ordered black Horsemeister T shirts and a red cape for Rhoda's costume both are guaranteed to be here on Thursday. We are leaving in the morning and if they come after we leave, maybe Karin will stop and pick them up. If not, Sarah can bring them down on Friday.
Once the final shopping at SAMS was done, that was buying 100 pounds of popcorn, 4 gallons of popping oil and bags, I headed out to the farm to work the foals. Only Ciera, Valiant and Evan were put through their paces before I ran out of time.
Karin is holding the last vaulting practice tonight. They will get a chance at dress rehearsal in the coliseum on Thursday night. This is such a big show for us, we needs lots of prayers. We are praying that the horses behave and no one gets hurt.

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