Monday, March 1, 2010

The Babies

Before work today Willie Hofstetter came and loaded up 40 boxes of Bibles and all the supplies for the young group to wrap on Saturday. I am so grateful to the young group for doing this, we were really falling behind on mailing out the individual Bibles only because of getting them wrapped. Thank you WILLIE! Steven Marchal met me at my house a little after nine this morning and pulled my truck out of what I considered it's permanent parking place. The truck had buried it's wheels in 4 deep holes, so deep that without 4wheel drive it wasn't going any where.
Once it was out we headed to the farm to start the foals on pedestal training. As Evan was the only one we worked with the first time, he was the first to try the new pedestal. He caught on pretty quickly but still needs help with the first foot. Next was Wanda and after spending about 10 minutes trying to get her to figure out what we wanted, we quit only achieving her feet up on the pedestal a couple of times but hey we figured she is just a baby and it will come.
Then we pulled out Ciera and OK, I was impressed, no, blown away with her. Not only did she figure out right away what we wanted, she actually put all 4 feet on and balanced up on the thing. We weren't even asking for that the stand is not quite big enough but evidently Ciera thought so. Next was Valiant and he picked up what we wanted almost as fast as Ciera. These 2 foals are so people pleasing they are so easy to teach. Both Ciera and Valiant learn so quickly and have the mind to not get too excited. We pulled Evan out one more time just to remind him of what he learned. Then it was Jenis' turn. She thought we wanted her to jump it but it didn't take too long for her to figure out if she stands on it she gets a treat. She was the other horse that put all 4 feet up on it and balanced. Of course this is NOT what we wanted, we want her to come up to the pedestal and put both front feet on it and stand quietly. Still we were pleased with her attitude. Steven left with the gooseneck trailer taking it to Bridlewood for packing all the equipment needed for the fair while I headed to Diane's office for the tax papers, then down to Meister Brothers to drop off papers and pick up 4 dozen eggs. Nice to have fresh eggs in the house again. In fact I cooked myself a good breakfast once everything was done, about 11:45am.
Steven will meet me at the farm tomorrow for more teaching.
Karin was able to get the last of the material at the Galesburg fabric store as the Peoria one was out. Now if ONLY I had someone with TASTE going down to the fair with me to decorate. I have NO TASTE as to what looks good. Maybe Diane or Rachel will come but if not Karin will be there and she is always glad to help. She is almost as good as Rachel or Diane.
NOTE TO SELF: NEVER, never go to Aldi's on the first day of the month around 2:30pm. What a mad house!
Sarah started the dinner while I drove to Morton, IL to pick up Nancy. It was my turn over the weekend but just was too busy with moving Samantha.
Mom also came over for dinner, then rode along with me to take Nancy home. We had a good talk, the dinner wasn't bad either.

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