Friday, March 19, 2010

Saying Goodby

The sunshine was bright yesterday until about 11:30am when the clouds started rolling in. We were to meet Gary and Nancy at Lamberts, the home of the throwed rolls at 2:00pm thinking then would not be crowded. What a joke, good thing Gary and Nancy got there 15 minutes before us and got a booth. By the time we pulled up just a little after 2:00 the line was out the door and down one side of the building 5-6 people deep. The portions are huge, tasty, and there is no sharing. Eva Jean got knocked in the head by a roll mom was trying to catch. Marilyn dropped the first roll thrown to her but was able to catch the second. The man throwing the rolls was clear across the room. Our table wasn't big enough for all the food brought. We ended up bringing most of our meals back for another day. The pass arounds are so good that we filled up on those so could only eat a few bites of our real meals.
Once home the sun came back outside but most of us just wanted to lie down to digest so no going over to the pool. By this time it was after 4:00pm. Nancy took Marilyn shopping for some last minute treasures. They ended up in Orange Beach and Marilyn bought me a very nice Good Life t shirt, I'll have to save it for choir, it is a light blue and I'm sure I will stain it up if worn to work. By the time they came back from the shopping trip we decided to walk off some of our heavy dinner and took a stroll down the beach heading into the sun. One fisher man had a huge sheephead fish in a bucket. First fish we have seen caught this trip down. Once back to mom's condo we watched some television while enjoying ice cream and decaf coffee. Don't know how we can get so tired from a lazy vacation but it seemed we were all ready for bed early last night. Sound asleep at 8:30pm when the phone rings, it was Mark from home. He will be here early Saturday morning but it was nice to talk to him and get all caught up on the news going on in Peoria.
Eva Jean and Marilyn had plans to leave around 5:00am today but we were awakened by noise around 2:30am and think they must have also and decided to leave then. Mom jumped up at 5:00 and headed out to say good-by to them but Eva Jean's car was already gone. Everyone pray they make it home safely without ending up in another state.
My children should be pulling up within the hour.

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