Friday, January 19, 2018

Beth's Hospital Visit

We had a scare this morning, Beth Herman was taken to Graham hospital in Canton in a lot of pain, there they discovered she had a 1.6 cm kidney stone. This was much too big for them to handle and they took her by ambulance to Methodist. Diane went down to the hospital to stay with Beth and Greg and kept us informed. They did emergency surgery on her but at this time just put in a stent and moved the stone. They will schedule removal surgery soon but the surgeon told them it is a complicated surgery and Beth will be in the hospital 3-5 days at that time. Honestly she was in terrible pain, the medicine the hospital was giving her wasn't working. Diane said it was awful to see Beth groaning. Diane said once people woke up, read the messages and started praying her pain subsided. Beth is thankful for the prayers.
We could tell as soon as we awoke that it was warmer than usual. That 22 degrees actually felt warm.  I even let Ruby go on the walk today but then forgot she was on the walk and when she started following Joan home at the last round I was glad when Joan called telling me to call Ruby. She came running through the fields as fast as those little legs go.
After the walk I worked on the dress for Shaeya while waiting updates on Beth. Shaeya is coming tomorrow to help bath tails and will try it on then. While I was working on the dress, Emma and Ruby were playing with a stuffed rabbit. They were playing tug-a-war.

 Emma let Ruby win!
 Ruby took it over to Ebby, dropped the rabbit to see if Ebby would play with her. 
 As soon as Emma saw Ruby drop the rabbit she grabbed it back. 
After lunch it was so nice outside I decided to work with the weanlings, moving them into the far paddock again now that the water is open. I moved in a 4th cutting round bale for them. These growing foals get the very best hay we have. Oksana's filly, Darla also got played with. I was amazed at her thick long curly coat. She is very friendly and will make someone's dream come true if we sell her and if we don't she will be our dream come true. She really is 'that nice'.

No updated pictures of her though I really went out to work not take pictures. 
We must keep telling ourselves, "don't get attached to the inventory!" In her case I really do hope she goes to a show home. Once EasterBonnet, EllaSkye and Envy were settled back in their old paddock a bale was taken over to the middle paddock, wrapped in the hog panel then just left to wait for Mark to come home to help move it in.  Ayanna and Rosalie were moved into the paddock next to Evan's so they can finish up that round bale.  Jenis and Zalena were grained.  We now just have Oksana, Darla, Galena, Anna and Indy in the middle paddock. Mark was home by the time I got back down to the house and was more than willing to go back up to the barns to move the bale into the middle paddock.
Phil, Anna & girls along with Nolan, Sarah and Zion came for dinner tonight. Nolan and Sarah also brought their dogs Rizzy and Ari. After dinner Kensley played with a few of the horses.

 Ruby and Rizzy played and played. 
 Kensley found a dress up cape and was twirling with it. 
 Braelyn tried on Shaeya's dress and was thrilled when it fit. 
 She had fun modeling that beautiful dress. 

 Of course Taegan needed a turn to. All little girls love to dress up, especially when the dress is 'that gorgeous!'

Kensley was busy drawing with Braelyn. They used all the flashlights they could find to have plenty of light for their book projects. 

 Taegan wasn't interested in making a book, she was more interested in playing with the dogs. 

 Below is baby Zion. She slept almost all the way through supper then smiled so sweetly but I was holding her and not the camera at that point. She is 3 and a half months old now. Sarah and Nolan sure have a cutie.
Mom made supper for Ruth and Fedi tonight serving them wiener schnitzel. Diane went over later for games. Joan came after she finished cleaning the shop. Tomorrow Joan, Sarah and Hannah will be driving to Ohio to see Delores, Joan's mother-in-law. She is on hospice and not doing very well.
Beth got home from the hospital this afternoon. She is resting comfortably. At least we are hoping she is resting, Beth doesn't know the meaning of that word.

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