Monday, January 29, 2018

A Good Name

Winter is back, it actually wasn't too cold this morning but instead of the temperature rising during the day it dropped. By afternoon the house was down to 62 degrees which meant the wood brought in and the wood burner started. I drove to Bridlewood to pick up two more of the release forms this morning then spent the afternoon on book work.
Karin arrived after work to start training. She was back in the indoor arena, the outdoor is frozen again. The first horse worked was Evan. He is getting the routine down well.

Once he was put away we brought in Jenis, Ayanna and Rosalie. Below she is working with Jenis. 
 Notice the loose rein in the picture below. Karin has been working with Jenis to rear on demand using only leg and voice cues. 
 The next mare worked was Ayanna. She was kind of crabby today but has such huge movement she is a blast to ride. 
 Rhoda trained Ayanna to bow with just the tap of her leg. 

 The last mare worked today was Rosalie. She is such a big mare and is going to turn 5 years old in 3 weeks. Amazing to think she has more growing to do, she is already 17 hands. 

Mark came home from work with a battery for the tractor. How he got the battery was amazing. He carried in the old tractor battery to O'Reilly Auto when a man saw him pull up in his Meister Heating car. He jumped out of his truck to help Mark get the old battery on to the test stand since we weren't sure if  the old battery was actually bad.  Turns out this man works with someone who Mark had helped out with a heating problem 2 or 3 years ago. He evidently talked enough about Meister's helping that the man from O'Reilly recognized the Meister name.   Because no replacement battery was available at that store, this knowledgeable man arranged to have Mark pickup a reconditioned 900 CCA battery at a small fraction of the cost of the cost of a new one at another store in Washington, IL.  It worked great....what a blessing to have that tractor working. 

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