Saturday, January 20, 2018

9 Clean Tails

We had a big thaw today which made MUD and now lots more thawing will be taking place in the next few days creating more mud. As the thermometer was going to climb into the 40s today Karin, Shaeya, Kayla and I decided today would be perfect for getting the tails washed, conditioned, braided and stuffed into tail bags. Karin picked up Shaeya and brought her straight to the house first to try on the modified dress. We still need to add shoulder straps and had to have her try it on to figure out exactly how and where these should go.
While we were working on that we discussed how we should proceed with the tail washing and decided Evan should be worked first in the  indoor, then he would be taken to the outdoor round pen to see how he would react with Shaeya when a mare was standing next to the round pen and only then the hot water heater brought out and his tail worked on. That plan went great.

 Of course Evan had to show off for the mare but Shaeya was able to get his attention right back on her. Evan really is a magnificent Friesian stallion, check out that neck carriage. 
 Evan's braids were taken out so both his mane and his tail could be washed and conditioned.
 Braiding that mane took forEVER! Just ask Karin, Kayla and Shaeya. Their arms were exhausted by the time that was done. 
 As soon as Evan was put away Karin brought in who she calls the 4 fatties, Rosalie, Ayanna, Indy and Anna. We had an assembly line going, I held the hot water while Karin brought each mare up for the tail wetting down then Shaeya would take that mare, tie her and start scrubbing with shampoo water on the tails while Kayla brought us another mare. Below Kayla is brushing out Rosalie's tail. 
 Below is Ayanna all finished. 
 Below Indy's tail is washed and brushed and is just needing braiding while Ayanna is finished and ready to go back out. 
 As soon as we finished the first 5, Evan, Rosalie, Ayanna, Indy and Anna we took a lunch break. We were pretty cold, wet and tired and after sitting down in a warm house with food, it sure was hard to go back outside to do the last 4 mares.  The last 4 were Galena, Jenis, Zalena and Oksana. Nolan and Sarah arrived just as we were braiding the last of the tails. They decided it was nice enough to take the horses on the trails so Karin saddled up Jenis for her, Zalena for Shaeya and Nolan saddled up Galena for his mount. Below they are heading out to the trails.
 They reported that the creeks still had a solid layer of ice over them.  At the first creek they got off and led their horse across and they were surprised that the horses did not break through the ice. Nolan said he just rode Galena across the second creek crossing and even then the ice did not break.  Sarah brought Zion inside. She was so funny, when that camera comes out her eyes open wide.
 Trying to coax a smile grandma makes all kinds of silly faces. Zion smiled then looked over at her mom as if to say, "did you see what silly grandma is did?"

Mark got both of the cars washed today, getting all that road salt off and even cleaning the inside getting all the rocks, sand and gravel out. He also refilled the wood pile on the porch and restacked the wood in the lean to. We will be ready to start splitting and refilling that as the weather improves.  Mark has a fire going now in the fire place and is enjoying the warmth while reading. We will have an early night tonight. What a productive good day. A special thanks to Karin for all her help.

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