Monday, January 8, 2018

Our Glorious Independence

We walked today. Even though we had ice last night covered in an inch of snow it was 33 degrees and felt like 50. Mom and I wore trax on our boots but Joan, Ruth and Sarah were able to walk in just boots. Diane didn't come, she is just not feeling well. After the walk I made a crock pot full of lasagna for tomorrow's Berean meal and cleaned while listening to AC central. Both morning and afternoon of Gridley's services and  both morning and afternoon of Morton's then finishing up with a study by Fred Witzig from Washington.  I'm sure thankful for AC central. I still remember grieving when Rick Plattner moved to Fairbury believing I would not have the opportunity to listen to him speak again. Who ever thought of this service thankyou thankyou!
This afternoon was spent getting the paddocks ready for new hay bales and stripping the stalls from when the weanlings were stuck inside during that long cold spell. When Mark didn't show up by 6:00 pm and wasn't answering his phone I started to worry that maybe his car slid into a ditch or worse. Phil was called to see if he knew where Mark was, he didn't but told me how to get online and track his phone. Crazy that the gps on the phone showed me exactly where he was and as soon as I saw the house the phone was in I knew he was on an estimate.
David posted their fall video, it is so cute I thought I'd share it here.
He always does such a good job catching their moments.
Today I was remembering the day Indy was born. It was the 4th of July and Ylse was at the cabin field. I was getting ready to move her over but when I got to the cabin she was in the process of giving birth. We decided to name her Independence except when I turned in the registration paper work there already was another Friesian filly named Independence that year. The letters of the name needed to start with G, H or I so we named her Glorious Independence and called her Indy. Below she is just a few hours old. I was moving them over once the filly was strong enough but stopped to take the picture.
We posted her for sale and she sold with the buyer sending the deposit and telling us he would pay off the balance at weaning only at that time he reported he was going to have to cancel.  Indy was bold and loved to swim. One time Rhoda was taking Ylse on the trail with Indy following, they got close to the lake and instead of following her mom, Indy ran forward and jumped into the lake and took off swimming. We decided to make a video of her swimming.
In November 2010 Indy got to go to her first Christmas parade.
We were so impressed with how well she handled the crowds at that point we decided to keep her knowing we would be able to breed her to Evan.  Indy was brought in from Middle Grove when she was 2 years old for light training then taken back out to Middle Grove for another year to grow up more and grow she did. Below Indy has just turned 3 years old.
Emily had a lot of fun training Indy.

At age 4 Indy was bred to Evan and March 1st, 2015 she delivered a gorgeous BIG filly.
This filly was sold and the owner named her Zenia. We made a video of her right before she shipped out to her new home August 4th, 2015.
Indy became quite a performance horse performing at shows and horse fairs.
In the picture below she is 2nd from the left after performing at the IL Horse fair.
She was bred back to Evan in 2015 and on April 30th, 2016 she gave birth to another large sweet filly.
This filly was named Angelica and was sold to a nice family. 
In 2016 Indy had a big year, performing again at the IL Horse fair,  marching in the Heritage days parade, and performing at CIRTS benefit with Angelica.
In 2017 Indy performed again at the IL Horse fair. In the picture below Indy is right behind Jack Sparrow (David Sauder) and is the 4th horse from the left. 
She delivered her 3rd filly by Evan which we named Envy on July 23rd, 2017
Indy threw her height, her thick long hair and amazing movement.
We are so very thankful we kept Indy, she has paid for herself over and over. She is an amazing Friesian mare. 

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