Monday, January 22, 2018

Horse Fair News

The organizers are hard at work and the schedule for the fair is almost finished. I'm always in awe of how hard it is to schedule so many quality acts and clinicians. Mark down on your calendars March 2nd, 3rd and 4th if you would like to come.  The ticket prices for ALL 3 days can be purchased in advance for only $26.50 OR if you are just coming for one day the price is ONLY $13.50. What a bargain! BUT wait, that's not all. If you are a senior like me or a child 6-12 years old the 3 day passes purchased in advance are only $16.50, daily rate is $8.50.  The entertainment value is so much greater than the cost, Why this is ALL day entertainment and horse education, plus the kids and adults LOVE the giveaways the horse owners put out. We have some wonderful gifts this year to give out.  If you would like to purchase tickets in advance click HERE for more information.  The Horsemeister riders had a ball last year. The crowds loved getting up close and personal with the Friesians.
This year we are bringing down something special. Darla gets to come! Since she will just be 5 months old she will still be nursing and since Oksana is coming so is her daughter. Darla loves people and can't WAIT to meet everyone.
Interesting fact BOTH of Darla's parents will be at the horse fair this year. Evan is her sire!
We know Friday's schedule and some of Saturdays.  It looks like the Horsemeister play will be in barn 13 at 3:45 pm on Friday. Evan and Shaeya will be in the outdoor covered arena on Friday at 5:00 pm performing right before the Wagon Obstacle.
Saturday the Horsemeister play will be in the outdoor covered arena at 1:00 pm. I'm not sure about Evan and Shaeya but they probably will again be right before the Wagon Obstacle again in the outdoor covered arena.
We had a beautiful 60 degree few hours and then the storms rolled in bringing lightning, thunder, cold air and a beautiful rainbow. Joan sent the pictures below with the statement I ought to start digging for the pot of gold. I couldn't figure out why she said that until I downloaded the pictures.
Why the rainbow ends at OUR house and is lighting up the roof.  HA, I wonder if that means the gold is inside our house.
Rhoda came today and picked up Ruby. We are now down to a 1 dog family. We enjoyed Ruby and Emma will miss her. Karin came and worked horses. She was able to work Evan in the outdoor arena until the storm came and chased her inside. The others all had to be worked inside. I didn't get any pictures I was inside the house working on the Berean lunch and didn't even know Karin had arrived.

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