Monday, July 6, 2015

The Long Wait

Sarah and I went to Sam's Club today to order the sheet cakes, brownies, rolls and since we were there bought all the pineapples, bananas, chips, plates, plastic ware, cups and coffee cups for the wedding. The car was full when we left for home but Sarah is feeling a bit better that just maybe her mom is kind of organized for this wedding.
Vaulting practice was going on when I arrived. Below are a few pictures of Karin's kids.
It was hot today so the hose was in use. Below Faith and Hannah are petting Zara, Ribbon's filly by Valiant while 2 of the girls get drinks from the hose.
Below are a few shots of their practice.

As soon as vaulting practice ended Emily, Ella and I went to Middle Grove to pick up Jurista, Eliza and Whitney. That wasn't fun we hiked all 80 acres before we found the herd. Jurista and Eliza were scheduled for a pregnancy sonagram while Whitney needed to come back here for foaling. She is due in 20 days but her udder is as flat as a pancake so we do not think she will deliver early. By the time the 3 mares were loaded we were hot tired and crabby and a stop at B's drive in for ice cream was just the ticket to cool us down and cheer us up. Whitney was put in the middle paddock with Piper, Oksana and Rosalie while Jurista and Eliza were stalled. Ribbon and Emma along with their foals were also stalled. We wanted to see if Emma had ovulated and see where Ribbon was in her season so we can better plan for her cover to Valiant.
Anna had the girls over for Funday Monday and they came out to the barn to play with the kittens.
 When Dr. Hoerr arrived they ran right over to show him the kitten.
We had Jurista sonagrammed first and were thrilled to see she is pregnant. We now have that long 11 month 11 day wait to see what she will produce now that she is bred to Valiant. 
 Eliza was next. Below  Dr. Hoerr is preparing her for the ultrasound.
 And there it was another pregnancy! Eliza was also bred to Valiant. Both Jurista and Eliza are due around the same time the end of May.
Ribbon was next and she had a follicle on the left of about 43 and just a bunch of small ones on the right. She was given a shot to short cycle and will be ready to breed to Valiant tomorrow. Emma was last. The ultrasound showed that she had just ovulated but when we put her out she went right over to Killian and showed. We covered her to Evan just to be sure.
Anna and Phil stopped in for supper tonight. After supper Mark worked on his work van. The back door wouldn't stay up. He bought new supports and installed them and now it works perfectly.

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