Sunday, July 26, 2015

Diamond Lake Day 2

Day 2 of the Sceggel vacation started with a beautiful sunrise. We had breakfast at 8:30 am with church following at 9:00 am. Ben had the message and it was quite good. After church the life jackets were put on and off everyone went for a pontoon boat ride, jet skiing and tubing. Kensley was sleeping so Mark and I stayed home to listen for her.We were trying to get the church service from Peoria and just couldn't make the computer work so gave up then all of a sudden about an hour later we heard noise. We forgot about the time change and were trying at 9:00 am Peoria time. We were thankful to be able to hear Greg Rumbold but missed the second service.

The boats came back around lunch time and everyone was hungry. The swimming, tubing and jet skiing builds the appetite. After lunch a group went bike riding or hiking and then came the bags games.
 Below is the cheering section. David and Stephanie came straight from the Kieser vacation where they were staying by the dunes at Lake Michigan driving an hour and a half to the Sceggel vacation spot.
 Israel loves playing the bag game and was getting quite good at throwing the bean bags into the hole. If he missed and the bag landed on the box he would climb right up the box to grab the bag and start over.

 Braelyn caught another fish today, Jack was helping her fill the sand box with water so the fish could 'breath'.

 Today was another hot day and all the exercise and outdoor activitiy made for starving people. Today was Sarah and Nolan's turn to cook dinner and they planned on grilling steak. Lee brought along his charcoal chimney then helped grill the steak.
 The rest of the menu was corn bread casserole, baked sweet potatoes and for dessert home baked cake with flavored coffee.
After supper we held another bags tournament. All couples played and all games were fun. We are sure enjoying our vacation.

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