Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Luna Pregnant

The farrier was due at 8:30 am,  Dr. Hoerr was due at 9:00 am and Karin's vaulters were to arrive at 10:00 am. The farrier was a little bit late, Dr. Hoerr was a little bit early and Karin's vaulters all seemed to arrive while all of us were busy. There were horses tied up in the arena waiting for their turn for a pedicure, horses in stalls waiting their turn for an ultrasound, Killian in the outdoor arena waiting to go back to his stall once the mares were out of there and horses walking around outside waiting their turn to get in the arena. Does this sound like chaos? Below Indy is getting her trim job while her filly watches.
 Marika was tied inside waiting her turn. Her colt had fun wandering around looking at everything during the wait.
 Luna was the first mare sonagrammed, we were thrilled to see she was pregnant. Luna belongs to Kathy from Branson, MO. She is a purebred Friesian mare who was brought here to be bred to Evan. Her owner was pleased to hear the news and is going to make the trip to pick her up on the 8th.
 Oksana was sonagrammed and has a follicle at 43 mm, she will be ready to breed to Evan tomorrow.
Emma was also sonagrammed, she has been acting like she is in season for the last 9 days but had no edema, and a 37 mm follicle on her left ovary, none on her right and no obvious CL. She was given a shot of prostaglandin, if she shows tomorrow or the next day we will cover her if not we will have to just wait. Sangria was the biggest disappointment. We shipped semen for her from an Andalusian stallion and she did not conceive. She had a lot of edema and a 47 mm follicle. We are done with trying to use a different stallion and just covered her by Valiant today. We could have taken a chance she would not ovulate until Friday, try to have the semen shipped in again and end up with another $300.00 bill and still no foal. The stallion owner was called to tell her we are done for this year. We would like our stud fee back but not only is she not willing to give it back she wanted me to send her ANOTHER $300.00. Do I keep throwing good money after bad or do we just cut our losses? I'm SO done dealing with stallion owners who are not reputable. She told me on the phone she would return the stud fee when she found her stallion wouldn't ship, then when her vet thought she could get the sperm to ship she offered to ship for free since I wasn't willing to take a chance and just wanted the stud fee returned. Anyone else out there have problems with stallion owners not keeping their word?
The arena was busy today. Below are a few of the children here for vaulting there were more on the hay bales, outside feeding mares and jumping on the tramp.
I drove to Berean to enter the Bible request and by the time I was done with all the letters 320 labels were printed for tomorrow. Hopefully we will have a small mail day tomorrow so we can get the Bibles out. Marie, Emily's mom offered to bring us lunch tomorrow. 
Mark had a late meeting tonight so we drove separately to church then went to Chipotles for a late supper. Greg Rumbold had the service tonight. 

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  1. I bred my mare Jillian to a stallion out here, one year, next year no foal. I tried again and told him to keep her until she.wasn't hot anymore. He brought her back.when she as.still hot. Again no foal. I asked for my $400 back and he said no, he has a live foal guarantee but no refund. So there my stud fee.sits.