Friday, July 17, 2015

Storm Clean-Up

We were blessed, early this morning all the horses, foals, and fencelines were checked here. All were well except 1 fence was down in the big field. Karin and Anni left this morning for Bluffton, Indiana. I'm sure they are going to visit Bethany.
Mike and Diane are checking Middle Grove this evening. A tornado destroyed the small town of Cameron, went right through the small town of Maquon where Karin lives then through Middle Grove. Another tornado touched down in Delavan. We got an inch and a half of rain but Amy reported Tremont got 7 inches over night. The lightning last night was constant with huge cracks, booms and crashes of thunder. The heat hit this morning by late morning it was oppressive. We had a high of 92 degrees and a heat index of 110. The barn central air was turned on for the first time this summer and it didn't work. By the time Mark got home at 4:30 pm the inside temperature was reading 90 degrees. He was able to get it going, turns out the thermostat needed a new battery. We only have 1 weanling inside right now, Star's filly, as her owner is going to pick her up next week. I went in a few times today to offer her grain, fill her water, handle her and pick up all 4 hooves. She is sweet and accepting. Emily and Megan's kittens were lined up sitting on the stall shelve, when the door was opened they thought it was the perfect viewing area to watch what was going on in the next stall over.
There are actually 7 kittens with one of them quite small. Their mother is a fantastic mouser and she is training these kittens to hunt. Megan and Emily are going to place them for sale for only $10.00 each. They are pretty much ready to go now. Braelyn, Taegan and Kensley spent the day here and of course we have to go play with the kittens each time they come. Phil and Anna are working on their roof at their new house just down the road from us. They were tearing off the old shingles this evening. Tomorrow most of the family are coming to help and all decided they need to start work at 6:00 am in hopes it will be cool enough to be bearable.
This evening Mark took Braelyn and Taegan on a long golf cart ride ending up at Joan's place where the girls played on the beach with Joan's kids and grand kids.

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