Friday, January 2, 2015

Move Out Day at Mom's

Yesterday we woke up early even though it was new years day. The new years eve party was quite a bash. We had tons of food down by the fire served with hot chocolate. Everybody soon moved up to Dan's unit for games. They played all kinds of new years eve games such as charades and electricity. At midnight we went over to the beach for fireworks which were shot off at the public beach close to mom's condo. The older young kids ended up in Beth's hot tub. Diane went to bed at 2:00 am and the party was still going strong. Dan came down to use the hot tub around 4:00 am and by 4:30 am the party started winding down. New Years day mom and I spent the morning cleaning her condo in preparation for moving out. The new renters were moving in on the first which meant we had to move out. Ruth and Fedi had to be out of their condo also on the first. No one wanted the party to quit so Ruth and Fedi booked themselves into a hotel just down the beach. Beth and Greg decided to head for home, Greg wanted to watch the college championship games but that left us a room at their condo so we did not book into the hotel. The only problem with moving is the fact there is no internet at Beth and Greg's so no updating was done yesterday. Below is a picture of their condo from the road. It is so roomy and comfortable.

The day was cool but not cool enough that we cancelled the walk on the beach. Almost everyone ended up at Beth's condo for the afternoon and evening. We were all enjoying the hot tub when this blue heron flew down to watch this strange soup bubbling merrily. I think he was checking out if we were food.
Really he was watching Abram fishing with his net.
 Abram caught 2 good size mullet on his second cast.
Spark and Mark were playing horse shoes
 The sun kept trying to peek through and finally did late in the afternoon just about the time it was to set. We started playing Mexican train with about every one that came in and out of the condo. Rhonda happened to notice water dripping from a cupboard in the kitchen. Spark, Dan, Fedi and Mark started looking for what could be leaking and discovered a toilet was not sealed. Fedi got right to work but notice something strange in the picture below. Yes he is doing plumbing but just not quite dressed properly. Plumbers usually have shorter shirts and low hanging pants.
At this point Spark called the plumbers who just happened to be staying in a condo across the street.
But Fedi had the job done before the other 2 could get in position. That was fine they brought their suits and jumped in the hot tub. We played games until 11:00 pm, 2 late nights in a row!
Ruth and Fedi's family pulled out this morning for home. We are staying until tomorrow morning. Sure hate to see this wonderful vacation come to an end.

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