Monday, January 5, 2015

A New Beginning

Yesterday Willis had the morning sermon, the very first sermon of 2015, opening first to Genesis chapter 1 verse 1 "In the beginning" then he went to St. John 1 and again read "In the beginning was the Word"  Willis told of his first sermon in Japan, not knowing the language well he emphasized the words with motions and jumped around a lot. Not a lot has changed now that he is 89 years old and yet he told us this he is just beginning. Willis is a powerful speaker with great insight, it was good to be there. Before we knew who was to speak mom had just remembered that she forgot to put her hearing aids in, then Willis stood up and she said, "never mind I won't need them!" and she didn't.
Cherly Grassi sat with me at lunch and pulled Longhorn gift cards out of her purse that needed to be used, then asked if we would like to go to dinner there. Mom and I took her up on that. Cheryl brought Janelle and Eva Jean and Marilyn joined us. Eva Jean is having surgery on her wrist on Tuesday so she brought a gift for Rhoda and Lee and asked if I would take it to the shower on Thursday. We had the gift sitting on a chair next to our table when the hostess sat Ron and Carol Christ right next to us. Carol saw the gift and offered to take it to the fellowship hall. Talk about convenient.  We are having an all church, family shower for Rhoda and Lee on Thursday Jan 8th, at 6:00 pm. Anna, Stephanie, Taunya, Sarah and Emily are cooking the meal and there will be plenty so please feel free to come.
It is really cold today, we are in single digits and have been since last evening. Emily is in Forrest and sent a text to remind me to check the waterers and make sure none are frozen. What is sad about that is I needed the reminder. It didn't take long to become dependent on someone else doing the work around here. Anna is stalled and waiting for her breakfast, so I'll step away from the computer and get busy.

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