Saturday, January 3, 2015

Home Sweet Home

Our trip home was pretty uneventful. We pulled away at 4:30 am drove a couple miles when someone commented how warm it was for so early in the morning causing mom to remember she forgot her coats. We turned around and drove right back to the condo. Diane was sure Spark and Rhonda were probably eating ice cream or something really good now that we left and was hoping to catch them but nope they stayed in bed and didn't even come out to see why we returned. Technology is amazing, Diane brought up the weather alerts on her phone which showed strong storms in Mississippi so we decided to go up Alabama on 65 North. We ran into some rain but no storms and the rain was not hard enough to slow us down. Karin, Jackie, John, in one car while Beth, Tom, Tarah and their 2 sons in the second car left at 4:00 am and did go up through Mississippi. The storms slowed them down but not as much as a broken alternator. Luckily they were the first car load, the second car was able to help them get a new alternator and got them to a hotel so they could wait in comfort for the repair. This set them back about 4 hours. We pulled in just before 7:00 pm and unloaded. Anna is stalled so she was the first horse checked, fed and watered. She is not as bagged up as hoped but we are having a cold 33 degree rain right now so she was left in and her stall cleaned.
Rhoda and Lee arrived right after to give us all the home news. Today is Rhoda's birthday and Lee took her to Scapecci's for dinner. Wish we would have known in advance I have a $25.00 certificate for there.
I'm heading to bed, even though there was no physical work done I'm exhausted.

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