Thursday, January 8, 2015

Wedding Shower for Rhoda and Lee

Diane and I had a very nice surprise this morning. Rachel and her 2 boys Logan and Luke along with Karin came in to help at Berean.

We finished up just before 1:00 pm. We ran out of postage for the  Bibles but got out another 6 boxes with probably 4 more that will have to wait until Tuesday. All of the letters and studies were processed. It is getting harder and harder to keep up with this program and if it wasn't for volunteers we would for sure not be able to finish the job each week.
This evening was the wedding shower for Rhoda and Lee. Below are the hosts of this shower plus Rhoda. They did an excellent job. Rhonda was in charge of decorating the food table while Stephanie, Taunya, Anna, Sarah and Emily prepared the food.
 I thought the picture below was interesting with Rhoda and Lee but behind them the reflection of the shower guests in the window.
 Joan had us all laughing. Below is Diane's gift to Rhoda and Lee, Joan wrote on the front of the gift, missing one lid. As the gift slid down the tables we were all in on the joke until it reached Diane. Her reaction was priceless!

 Joan got mom good too. She wrote on the card of mom's gift "I hope your first baby looks like me"
Yep, we all laughed at that. Below Jordan is learning how to climb the steps. 
 The clean up crew was busy in the kitchen. What a fun evening and a wonderful shower.

A special thanks to Rhonda, Stephanie, Anna, Taunya, Sarah and Emily!

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