Friday, January 16, 2015

Dragon Horns

The sun was shining and the temperature rising today, it was still below freezing on the walk but didn't take long to rise to above freezing then stay there most of today.
We had lots of good news today on the walk. Ruth came and reported Anni is going to be staying with the Belvidere minister and his wife for the 3 months she is working in Rockford. I reported Liz Robinson agreed to manage Rhoda's reception and Diane had the best news, her breath doesn't smell.
Mike told Diane today that her breath smelled like dead meat. When she asked are you sure it is me, he took a good sniff then exclaimed, "no, it must be Ebby!" Now most of us would have blamed the dog first.
The other good news is it only took an hour to balance and reconcile the Horsemeister check book.
I was suppose to have Israel today but Stephanie's work called her off so instead I went shopping for a few cruise clothes. I went first to the Salvation Army store up on Allen road. The doors were locked but a man came out and told us they were going to open at noon so I drove to the mission mart on Pioneer Parkway. I found 2 shirts there, then went to the Goodwill store on sterling and found nothing. I drove back to the Salvation Army and there was a note on the door we will be opening at noon  1:00  or maybe later. I wasn't going to wait around and drove home.
Karin arrived to work on Ribbon's costume for the March show. Can you tell what she is suppose to be?

The wings are a work in progress and Karin didn't work on her tail yet. Mark arrived home with the big truck.
There is a scheduled trail ride at Sandridge tomorrow for the Friesians and we needed the big truck. Emily will be taking Valiant, his first time to go out on trails off this property with other horses. Karin is hauling Eliza, Zalena and Jenis for guests. The Cooksey's with their Raven daughter Avalon will be joining them. 

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