Friday, September 20, 2013

Update On Bonnie

Julie writes: Becca had such a successful day today. She was able to get Bonnie to cantor and to step onto the blocks! She loves that pony. 
Thank you Julie, we love hearing how Becca cantered Bonnie. Now for those that don't know Bonnie was a driving pony, she was taught to trot only not canter. She needed a child with gumption, one that can stick just about anything as sometimes she would try to buck. Watch out world, this little girl is going to be a great trainer when she grows up.
Mom is on her way to Gulf Shores with Beth. Our big news here is that it rained last night, not just a wimpy few sprinkles, this was a downpour. The ground has been so dry it is like powder. Just maybe the grass will start to grow in the pastures and we will be able to let the horses graze again.

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