Saturday, September 14, 2013

Perfect Weather for Company

We had a big group come out today for horseback riding and a picnic. Below are a few pictures of the day the rest are posted on the Horsemeister, Inc Facebook page.

 After lunch they all came over to the outdoor arena where Emily and Evan put on a small show.
 Below Emily is teaching one of our visitors how to ask Evan to bow.
As soon as that company pulled away we loaded up Mika, Zalena, Indy and Killian. Karin and Emily drove them out to Middle Grove as our next company arrived. They came to see Valiant, Eliza, her 2013 colt and Rocky. We went first to the cabin and after oohing and aahing they realized their camera's were left in the car. Back we drove to the farm to get the camera then over to Rachel's to see Rocky. This colt loves little kids. He walked away from us at first then when he saw Arriana he went right to her for some petting.
After that he was willing for all of us to pet him. Uncle Sunny was such a pest we locked him in the paddock until finished. Then it was back to the cabin for more pictures.
Karin and Emily arrived back for the second load so Arriana went with Emily to the cabin to get Cookie and Missy while Karin and I loaded up Sally and Sangria and their 2 foals.
By this time it was late afternoon. Diane picked mom and me up and drove in to church to set up for lunch tomorrow. We finished around 5:30pm and were very hungry so drove to Culvers for dinner. We had just about finished our meal when we started feeling guilty about the husbands and workers left at home. Mark didn't answer his phone so Emily was called to find out what they would like for dinner. Just as that got delivered and we were ready to leave Karin called for more food. We only had to wait a few more minutes but it was pretty funny. The same server brought out our food each of the 3 times we ordered. We are tired tonight!

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