Sunday, September 29, 2013

Riding the Waves

We listened in to Peoria church today, almost made us feel like we were there except mom didn't provide ANY donuts! Still it was good to listen in first to Craig Stickling for the morning then Tim Funk for the afternoon. Craig in the morning gave us a word picture that is still sticking in my mind. What if God is calling us to take our shield of Faith and cover a weaker brother.
After church we ended up on the beach. The waves were building and looked like it would be good for boogie boarding. Diane and I went out first and our very first wave caught us unprepared and dumped us, knocking us into each other and off of our boards. We came up laughing. These were so fun mom and Aunt Jinnie decided to ride the waves too.

 Mark decided to take out a board and ride a few waves in. Below he is walking out to the deep.
Then catching a wave to ride in.
We all expended a lot of energy fighting the waves but it really was a blast. We all needed showers to get the salt and sand off before heading over to our favorite restaurant Beth's Condo!
 Beth served fresh caught fish grilled by Mark and lots of fresh vegetables and sauces to make fish wraps. Everything was delicious. Beth made fruit smoothies for us for dessert. Below Aunt Jinnie and mom are waiting to be waited on.
After dinner we walked back over to mom's condo to watch a couple of really funny episodes of Beth's boys. We had another beautiful day. This vacation has been such a blessing.

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