Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Disappearing Act

Today was another very hot day but instead of 98 degrees we only hit 96 degrees as a high. Those 2 degrees didn't seem to make much difference, it was pretty miserable out there. Emily worked on the patio while I shopped and for once I was glad to do it, the car has a good airconditioner.
After Emily finished cleaning out the truck we hooked up the living quarter trailer and headed out to Middle Grove to pick up Indy and Killian. Rhoda and Emily are taking those 2 trail riding at Jubilee State Park on Friday and we needed him home to refresh his training a few days before the actual event.
The other reason we needed to go to Middle Grove was to stick Holly. We had someone that wanted her if she was 15.2 or taller. We had to hike in to find them. I snapped the picture below with the camera zoomed in when we found the herd all lounging over by some trees.
Ayanna was the first to see us and the first to start walking up to greet us.
What happened was pretty funny. I'll let the pictures tell the story. Emily needed Holly on flat ground for an accurate measurement.
Above she is walking up to Holly to bring her over to a flat area. Below she has Holly and the measuring stick getting ready to place it at her withers when the other horses started to arrive.
They surround her, so curious as to what she is doing. Left to right is Lilypony, Solomon, Oksana, Pandora, Killian, Indy and Ayanna. And to think years ago when we discussed putting the horses out on 80 acres we were afraid they would turn wild. 
I snapped a few other pictures. Below is Solomon, Hadassah's colt. He is an Evan son and a Raven grandson. He is very friendly and we were surprised how tall he has become.
Jewel's filly was taking a nap in the grass
 She woke up and came over to visit. I pulled some tail hair for her registration papers. Now I can send in her papers as soon as she has a name.
 Killian at 2 years of age is starting to act like a stallion, arching his neck and teasing mares.
 It was hard to get a picture of Lola's colt, he kept coming in for attention getting too close for the zoom lens.
I finally got far enough away to get most of  him in the picture.
Indy and Killian were loaded up and brought home. Emily set up the arena for practice but that will have to wait until cooler weather coming tomorrow. The stalled mares and foals were turned out before church.
We had a full carload going to church. Willis was the speaker and his theme was the right hand of fellowship although he had to remind himself of that theme a few times. Today was a good day.

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  1. Just splendid! They look very happy - loved the comment about fearing they would become wild. :) Lola's colt is quite a looker! Wowzers.