Saturday, September 28, 2013

Another Beautiful Day

We woke up to another day of bright sunshine. After joining Aunt Jinny, Barbara and mom for breakfast we ended up heading out to the beach while Barbara drove to the airport for home. The waves were big and pounding today, not the smooth rolling waves. Mom and Diane needed to get rid of the left overs from last nights dinner so fed the ever hungry gulls.
After the food was gone Mark brought out the fishing poles and he and Beth waded in to start fishing.
 The wave above didn't look that big but it hit with such force Mark was drenched by the time it passed
 He was only catching seaweed today so quit.
Mom decided it was time to go boogie boarding, Diane agreed to go with her.
 What mom didn't know was the rip tide was sweeping everything to the left making it hard to stay on top of the boogie board.

It looked like so much fun Aunt Jinny joined her. They are discussing their surfing strategy below.
The waves were beautiful to watch, most of them would come rolling in a perfect curl before crashing onto the beach.

The afternoon was spent lazing around the pool reading. We went to DeSoto's for dinner but forgot that it was Saturday, there are no specials on Saturday's so we drove to SeaNSuds. Mom and Aunt Jinny just happened to dress alike.
We asked them to turn around for a picture.
We ate outside at SeaNSuds. There was a wedding being performed on the beach right below our deck. The picture below was taken after the ceremony was finished.
After dinner mom and Aunt Jinny went to Souvenir City while Diane and Beth went to Walmart for supplies. Once back at the condo Aunt Jinny showed us the last dvd of her Africa trip. Now that Barbara has gone home, Mark and I have moved over to mom's condo leaving Diane and Beth the only 2 in Beth's condo.

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