Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Sermon

I can't close out the day without talking about the blessings of church today. Before the minister stood up my prayer was "Lord, speak today through your servant, if I need chastisement, then soften my heart to accept it but most of all Lord let me know that You, the Creator, the Savior, loves me." Willis had the service and anyone that knows Willis knows he does not hold his punches. During the service Willis very loudly exclaimed, "God LOVES YOU!" I couldn't stop the tears from running down my face. Imagine that the One who died for me while I was yet a sinner, the Great I AM, the One who created Heaven and Earth would hear my heart and answer so clearly.
Then Ron Kipfer was visiting from Bluffton and had the afternoon service. He opened to Ezekiel 38 reading about Gog and Magog. This reminded Ron of his very first choir trip.The Peoria choir went to Alabama and on the bus ride home Marvin Hodel shared that chapter with us and talked about the prophecy of end times. Ron heard Marvin talking through the night. Now Marvin was talking to my brother and my cousins, but I was laying up in the luggage rack (the old buses had an open rack) and spent the night listening intently. We arrived home early Monday morning and I was so convicted, wanting to repent but not able to get the words out. I left for school early and only found out when I arrived home that one at a time my brother and cousins had started to repent. My first though was oh know, I can't repent now, they will just think I'm a tag along but by evening I didn't care, I had to get the words out and tell mom.
So not only was I reassured in the morning of God's love but He reminded me again of the day He called me and the day He saved me.
Then to top off the day Psalm 100 sang for us. Their beautiful harmony on those beautiful hymns made me long for home.

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