Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lunch for a Bunch

It was Mark and my turn to serve lunch at church today. This turns out to be a real group effort. We had plenty of help in the morning for set up, lots of help during lunch and plenty for clean up afterwards. Karin was put to work as one of the waitresses were missing. She didn't have to work long before the missing waitress got there. The food was ordered early week, shopped for on Friday and Saturday with the donuts picked up on Sunday. The only problem came from Dunkin Donuts on University street. They sent 6 dozen of plain cake donuts instead of the sour creme old fashioned donuts. Out of those 6 dozen less than 2 dozen of those were eaten. Luckily some of the help didn't mind that kind, we only got stuck with a few. We went through 25 pounds of chicken salad, 22 loaves of bread, 24 pounds of Bavarian ham, 22 pounds of shaved turkey, 22 pounds of Munster cheese, 14 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts, 8 dozen donuts from Dunkin Donuts, 12 dozen cookies, 14 dozen brownies, 14 dozen pumpkin muffins, 14 dozen cinnamon rolls, 14 dozen cream cheese pastries, 24 pounds of grapes, 10 pounds of honey roasted peanuts and 10 bags of vegetable chips. There was enough for all but not huge amounts to distribute after everyone had eaten.  So the ordering was just about right. We were done in time for the afternoon service but had to sit up in the balcony, the back seats were all filled in the sanctuary by the time all the work was done. Dave Obgerfel had the service opening to Jude and reading the entire book.
After church we met at Logan's steak house for David's birthday dinner then over to Phil and Anna's for pie and ice cream. All 6 of the grand children were there but I was too tired to even think of bringing the camera.

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