Monday, June 4, 2012

Zalena Pregnant

Early this morning the truck was hooked up to the trailer to haul 3 horses over to Morton, IL where Dr. Hoerr's vet office is located. Mark discovered a flat trailer tire, so flat it must be changed. The trailer was hauled over to Mike's where the tire was found to have a big screw sticking out. It was changed and Mytross loaded then brought over to the farm to load Zalena and Ribbon. Ribbon was the first mare sonagramed. The good news was she is pregnant, the bad news is she is carrying twins. Dr. Hoerr was not able to pinch off the smaller twin without hurting the older twin and wants to see her again in a few days to try again. Now we know why it is so hard to keep her pregnant. Out of 4 pregnancies, this is the second time she has been found carrying twins and the 2 times she lost the foal she was carrying we knew she was pregnant but didn't ultrasound her. Mares are just not designed to carry twins, especially draft horses. Good to know for the future, she must be sonagrammed if bred! Zalena was next and we are thrilled she settled and is pregnant. Mytross was taken out last. The story had to be told how I thought I was bidding on a 7 year old pregnant mare and only found out later she was 21 years old and suppose to be open. Dr. Hoerr feels around inside her and says, "obviously she is an easy keeper." There is no baby in this very fat mare. The good news on her is she has good uterine tone and all the pregnancy parts look great. She was given a shot to short cycle her. Karin met the trailer at the farm to help unload the mares. Today is the first vaulting practice, Ribbon was needed and back in time. while waiting for the vaulters to arrive she helped tease mares. Cor Arianna is now out but Airiah is still in and covered. Ciera will be checked later.

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