Sunday, June 17, 2012

Eliza Had a Filly

Our dorm room Is a dead spot for cell phones which meant I had to keep walking into the hall to check for updates. At 11:40pm I found 2 messages. The first from Karin about 10:40pm, just a short text reading, "ok she is having the baby." and the next text at 11:20pm from Steven reading "not sure if you got the message but she had the baby." Of course I had to call them for the detailed update. Steven gave a good report. The filly was born at 11:10pm, Eliza delivered standing up, very unusual, Steven had to help as he was holding her from falling to the floor Mike came over to catch her and Karin video tapered it. By the time I called she was already standing and rooting around by Eliza's udder. I can't wait to meet her later today. She was nursing well by 1:00am. Steven set the alarm to check if Eliza had delivered the placenta around 4:00am. She had not so Dr. Hoerr was called. He arrived around 5:30am, helped Eliza deliver rhe placenta, flushed out her uterus, checked over the filly, gave a couple of shots and pronounced them both healthy.

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