Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

Below are Jozsef and Logan working on the stallion pasture. Karin had vaulting practice at 10:00am the vaulters were in working on the barrel while Ribbon waits. Below are 3 of the girls practicing. One of Michelle's little girls wanders out to feed the horses. Airiah below is thrilled for some individual attention..... Karin took them into the outdoor arena, below is Hannah practicing the stand. Sarah and Bethany practiced mounting in the canter and both girls swing up easy. .. I headed in to work on the house when I heard a crash and a kid start crying. Michelle's little boy somehow ran the golf cart into the car. No harm was done to the child, car or cart. Ribbon was put away, Paris and Clair were brought over from the cabin. Paris to take to Middle Grove and Clair to join Mytross in the breeding shed. We loaded up Ciera, Ella, Paris and Larry to take out to Middle Grove. Rebekah, Sarah, Bethany, Hannah and Karin decided they had time for a trail ride. Below they are tacking up and getting ready to head out. ............... I headed up the trails to find the herd. Below are Bunni, Ayanna, Killian and Indy. I worked on trying to take the tangles out of Indy's thick mane until the riders arrived back. On the way back to the cottage there was some scat on the path. This must belong to a carnivore, it was filled with hair. Probably a coyote or bobcat. The horses were quickly untacked and we started back but had to stop to take a couple of pictures of the herd in action! Larry came running back not sure why we were leaving him. We made it back in time to watch the sand for mom's beach get shot out of a truck. The kids up on mom's balcony had fun watching the sand get thrown down to the beach. Dinner is going to be quick affair, we have church tonight and need to leave a bit early.

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