Friday, June 15, 2012


Before Mark and I left for Wheaton, IL Karin wanted to make sure Eliza was tested. As soon as I looked at her udder i could see she was much more bagged up then 2 days ago and there was a bit of waxing on her udder. She tested at 200 which meant a 54 percent chance of delivery within 24 hours. Karin texted that now she is testing at 250 so the mare is progressing much quicker than expected. I think I'm going to miss this birth. Karin called in Steven Marchal, and has Sarah Reinhard & Janelle Grasse to stay the night in case she needs help. Ribbon was also brought in the stall across the aisle as a comfort companion. Meanwhile Mark and I are having a very nice time at the reunion. The athletes that went on the mission trips are cream of the crop, just wonderful people that love the Lord. The speaker was Jerry Root, an amazing talented man. He came up to talk to us before we headed back to the dorms. Our dorm room has bunk beds but at least they have been unstacked. We are sharing the bathroom with an adjoining room that is empty and if we are lucky will stay empty our entire stay. No coffee in the room and the cafeteria doesnt open until 7:30am. That could be a problem. Praying tonight for a safe delivery for Eliza and a healthy hungry foal that learns to latch on quickly.

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