Sunday, June 24, 2012

Clair's Filly

Yesterday afternoon when showing the fillies to some visitors I noticed Clair's filly favoring her left front leg. After checking that leg there were some marks that could have been a bite or kick but not very bad marks just faint. This morning the filly is not doing as well as yesterday. Checking her umbilicus it looks a bit swollen. She will need to be checked for an umbilical cord infection. Her cord was checked for the first 2 days of her life and seemed to be drying up fine. She will need to be hauled in to the vet with her mother tomorrow. The problem with cord infections is the infection doesn't stay in the cord it migrates to the joints, if the joint isn't flushed it can cause permanent lameness. That's all we need right now, more vet bills! Today is Taunya's birthday, we don't know if they are coming over, probably should have checked before this morning. Birthdays have a way of sneaking up on a person that doesn't look at the calendar very often. Darcy is still paying for the dog fight. She doesn't want to put any weight on her left hind leg. This morning is a little better than yesterday but she still needed help getting up. She lets us know by whining when she wants something. Rhoda was contacted and suggested pain medication which was given yesterday morning and again last night. Rhoda will be home this evening and can decide then if she wants Darcy to go in to work with her tomorrow for ex-rays.

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