Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Country Club

Braelyn was dropped in time for the walk. She had an appointment later today to get her leg checked out, she is still not putting any weight on it. The pacifier was left at home so this is what she does: Oh to be that flexible! She was given lots of rides today on the golf cart to keep her happy without her trying to walk. Lots of kids came over first to watch the vaulting practice and then to swim at Diane's pond. Below are a few pictures of the kids having fun in the pond. Diane's diving board is always fun for the kids. When we were young marrieds with children we use to call this place the country club. Nice to know it hasn't changed over the years. The weather was so hot the water felt refreshing. Once we would cool off it was back into the shade. We finally got the update on Braeyln's leg. It is a spiral fracture of the tibia bone. She now has a pretty purple cast that is also waterproof. Karin came over to help get Clair covered (she is still in) and work with the 2 foals. Each filly was haltered and all 4 feet picked up. The halter was put on and taken off many times. I was actually surprised how quiet and accepting both fillies were. When we walked into the apartment, my phone was showing 3 missed calls and 1 message. Mark was stranded at the Smithville Bible Church and needed a quart of oil and a half gallon of antifreeze for his truck. We got back in time to wolf down dinner take a much needed shower and head to church.

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