Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Vet Visit

Yesterday afternoon the sky in the West turned dark with thick black clouds. Bright flashes of lightning were piercing the darkness and we knew the storm wasn't far off. The mares needed to be brought in to the stalls before the storm hit so we wouldn't have to work on wet mares. Not knowing if the 3 outside mares are used to stalls, Eliza was brought inside first. Bridgett, the smallest of the 3 was led over to the barn door, she took one look at that and started backing up. It took about 10 minutes to get her to walk through the door, she was sure she didn't belong INSIDE. The other 2 came in a bit better. All was well until the storm hit. I think it would have been better if I didn't have a metal roof. The rain was pounding on the roof so hard we couldn't hear each other. Mattie the big Clyde started going crazy, throwing herself from side to side, smashing into the buckets. Molly was put in the big double stall with her and she settled down both standing quietly while we were watching. Dr. Hoerr arrived and right about then the wind started blowing, the rain was pounding on the roof and he is trying to stick his hands where the mares were sure they didn't belong. He is ultrasounding Bridgett when Mattie the Clyde attacks poor Molly. Dr. Hoerr has to stop so Molly can be rescued and that's when we see a cut above her eye. By the time Bridgett was finished, the rain had almost stopped. Dr. Hoerr took her outside to his truck to give her a shot to short cycle her then put her in the paddock while I brought Molly out to his truck for stitches, that left Mattie inside by herself, you would have thought the barn was coming down by the racket she made. She needed sedating before we even took her into the small stall for the ultrasound. The evening was certainly not boring! This morning for some reason it is hard to get out of bed but even harder to focus eyes that don't want to open. It's going to take 3 cups of strong coffee to get going today.

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