Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Puppy Belly

Emma is due in 3 days, her puppy belly sticks out on both sides and when she lays down it looks like this:

After our walk this morning mom invited us all in for breakfast, she had quite a crowd, besides mom and I, Ruth, Ryan, Beth, Sarah, Hanna, and Tim filled up the table. The conversations going around the table were noisy and varied.
I had to head in to work, today was past time to collect the change from the apartments. One out of eight of the machines was too full the rest were about 3/4 full making for very heavy bags of quarters. As I was driving to the shop with the quarters in bags and then in a bucket a corner was taken just a bit too fast, one of the bags fell out of the bucket and spilled. I could hear quarters falling and rolling everywhere. Drove straight to Meister Brothers and spent the next 15 minutes picking up quarters and placing them back in the bag. There were quarters behind the seat, quarters on the floor, quarters on the bench seat, in fact there were quarters just about everywhere. Philip agreed to go to the bank to carry in the quarters, the $1345.50 worth of quarters were very heavy. Karin was waiting for me to get back, she needed the truck and stock trailer to pick up a horse located in Canton, IL and then deliver her to Monmouth, IL for Rainbow Riders. Once the trailer was hooked up she took off. Steven was at the farm working first Valiant, then Evan. Evan is now laying down with a cue EVERYTIME! we are very pleased. We want him to get up slow but he hasn't figure that out yet. The picture below was snapped of Sanna and her filly as he was lunging Valiant.
The whelping box was finished about the time Mark got home from work. He needed to finish the barn before the insulators show up tomorrow. The picture below was taken last night as he was power washing the ceiling and walls.
Tonight he finished putting the boards up, while I got a ride to church with Joan.
We had a wonderful evening, Ken Hoerr had the sermon. How thankful we are that our government still allows us to worship freely. Ruth and her 2 boys got a ride home with us, of course we had to stop at McDonalds for icecream, except when we ordered they informed us they had no icecream. That didn't stop Joan, she knew right where another McDonalds was.

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