Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Molly, Mattie, Bridgett and Eliza

Eliza came back into season, we were very disappointed, her ultrasound was scheduled for Monday. After talking it over, we decided to have Dr. Hoerr out to the farm to do a reproductive exam. Kim's mares also needed to have an ultrasound. Molly for a pregnancy check and Bridgett and Mattie to find out where they were in their cycle and why have they not shown a heat. Hoerr vet clinic was called to schedule for tomorrow but they decided it would be better for Dr. Hoerr to come today late afternoon or early evening. This gave me plenty of time to pick up a few things before heading out of Peoria. Sanna and her filly were in the stall when I arrived, it was hot, terribly hot in the barn and Sanna was panting. She was taken out where she quickly realized it was much cooler in the breeze under the trees.
The message came from Dr. Hoerr with the arrival time near 6:00pm. While waiting a couple of bales were moved into the paddocks. The 4 mares were brought into the barn just as it started raining. Dr. Hoerr arrived with a very cute Hackney stallion along with a Hackney mare and foal. He was on his way to Lindenhill farms to drop them off. The wind and rain started pounding on the barn roof, Mattie, the big Clydesdale mare stated going crazy throwing herself around the double stall. Molly her companion was brought in the stall with her and both settled right down quietly eating. While Dr. Hoerr was giving Bridgett her ultrasound, Mattie attacked Molly, cutting open her left eyelid. Poor Molly, I would have never put her in harms way on purpose. Dr. Hoerr sedated her, cleaned the wound and stitched it up, as long as she was sedated, we pulled her back into the barn for her sonagram and yes she is pregnant, exactly like we though. Mattie was the next ultrasound, she had many small follicles and was given a shot to bring her into season, she should be ready to cover in 5-6 days.
Eliza was the last one to be done. We were very pleased to find she has all the right equipment and all the equipment is in very good shape. She had some fluid in her uterus which could be infection. Dr. Hoerr treated that with an infusion of gentamyacin. She is in season and should be covered Friday morning, then Saturday morning given a shot.
Just as we were finishing up, Spark and Rhonda came over for a visit. We were glad to see them, the cable company is going to be dropping off the cable sometime this week and Meister Electric needs to be hired to lay the cable. Spark was given the cable guy's phone number and shown where we would like the cable to enter the office. After they left it was back to work. Mark is getting ready for Home Comfort, the insulators which are coming on Thursday. The stalls needed to be cleaned.

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