Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Evan's Training

We had 2 and a half inches of rain last night. On the walk we could hear the over flow from the small pond rushing into the lake way before we could see it.
A trip to Meisters to drop off some needed items for Mark meant the grocery store should be visited as long as I was in Peoria. We needed more ice cream for when the vaulters come, that's as good as reason as any to have ice cream in the house. Karin helped bring in the groceries while the kids were warming up the horse. These vaulters are amazing and a few pictures were snapped while they were practicing.

Steven showed up to give both boys some training. Evan was first, he was showing off on the lunge line. What a pretty boy he is.

Valiant was saddled and walked around but no pictures of him. Steven was very pleased.
Ruth, Fedi, Diane, Mark and I met at the playground at 6:20 for our trip in to church. What a great time we have together, the worshiping in church is great but the fellowship with each other is an added bonus. We drove through McDonald's on the way home, Rachel came back with us and had coupons for shakes and cement mixers, we can't let coupons go to waste.

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