Sunday, June 26, 2011

Down Comforter

Before leaving the apartment this morning we cleaned up a bit of the mud that had been dragged in from kids wanting to see the pups AND the dogs. We made it in plenty of time for the morning singing down in the Sunday School Room and for some reason the singing was more beautiful than ever. Lori Stratton asked if I could use another down comforter for Darcy or Emma. She brought it to church just in case. After looking it over, this comforter is WAY to nice to give to the dogs. Is it bad to keep it for the futon? If Darcy and Emma never see it or try it out, they will never miss it. Thanks Lori! Tim Roecker had the morning service opening to the story of the floating axe head and then where Elisha is surrounded by the Assyrians and his servant is so upset that Elisha asks God to open the eyes of his servant to see the so great a crowd of angel warriors, horses and chariots of fire. Those are some of the favorite true stories of Sunday school. Mike Reiker had the afternoon service opening to the book of Daniel. Daniel has always been my favorite book of the Bible. Daniel was visited by both the Arch angel Gabriel and Michel along with another angel and all three told him he was dearly beloved. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be told out loud that God LOVES you, and yet this is what the Bible tells us, we just have to read it. Not only did He love the world, He sent His Son to redeem the world. Wish ALL would take advantage of this, the Word tells us, He would that NONE would perish. We are serving lunch next Sunday, July 3rd, and the book with all the instructions was taken home but we forgot to take home the towels. Tomorrow the Bibles need to be delivered to the Skyline home so I’ll stop at church and pick up the towels then.
Gail Hodel needed a ride home from church as Marvin was doing something with Randy Kieser. When we arrived back at the farm, Ben, Taunya, Addyson, Jack, Sarah and Rhoda were already here. Rhoda was giving Addyson a ride on DaMita. Phil and Anna along with Braelyn showed up a bit later. After dinner it was volleyball time for the kids and visiting time for the adults. There was a big group, over 3 complete teams but they played for hours so all got plenty of play time. Addyson had the best time playing on the trampoline with Tara's girls. They were jabbering away in their own special language. By the time everyone left, Mark and I walked home to find Ben giving Addyson a shower and Taunya ready to give Jack a bath in the sink. Below is Addyson all clean and in her pajamas.
Mike moved in a bale for the boys and Kim's mare Bridgett was covered. It looks like the Clyde mare may be coming in. We will try her tomorrow morning.

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